Laser Cutting - Now producing using the most powerful laser in the country! Laser 24 is proud to announce that as of July 2018, we have a "Bystar 10kw Fiber Laser" installed to our Essex location. It is the latest and most powerful laser in its class. Supporting this, we also have a Bysprint 3kw Fiber Laser and a Bysprint 3.3kw CO2 Laser. Therefore, if you require economic production, Laser 24 can cut with low power and without gas! Or if you need perfection, even on the toughest of cuts, we can do that too. All at the most affordable and competitive rates available.  

Automation - Both fiber lasers have automatic loading capabilities. We have fitted a "Bystronic ByTrans Extended" to both lasers, decreasing our setup times and allowing us to process jobs faster with lightly-manned part production. Automatic large part removal and cut part protection are just a few of the many methods we can apply to our production.

Software - Recognising that we can achieve greater production results from our skilled workforce and powerful machinery, we have invested in the latest technology. We can automatically plan optimal part production and capitalise on material efficiency using countless functions to improve results and monitor performance. 

Folding Service - Poised to take delivery of the latest in press brake machinery, we are expecting delivery of the "Bystronic Xpert 80" press brake. With high acceleration speeds of the upper beam and back gauge, we will soon be folding parts economically and accurately with the capability to develop a CAD file in any format in seconds. 

Dimensions - All of our cutting tables can produce parts in any width and length up to 3000mm long and 1500mm wide.

Our main materials and their cutting thicknesses -

   MILD STEEL              from 0.5mm to 25mm

   STAINLESS               from 0.5mm to 30mm

   ALUMINIUM               from 0.5mm to 30mm

   TITANIUM                 from 0.5mm to 6mm

   BRASS                     from  0.5mm to 15mm

   COPPER                  from  0.5mm to 12mm

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