Laser 24 understands your production starts with us. Therefore we focus on what we view are the 3 key services that our customers value.

Competitive Rates

The costs associated to produce an order can vary significantly. Laser 24 regularly monitors jobs and compares the results with what the job was estimated to cost at the point of quotation. We are always striving to provide the most accurate and therefore competitive rate we can provide. By doing this we can feel confident our customers receive great value for money.

High Quality of Production

This starts in the office, ensuring that we have full and accurate information for an order.

Programming -  If a flat developed drawing or CAD file is not provided, Laser 24 will assist customers in creating their parts from concept. By working with our customers, we can help design products with improved specifications and lower production costs. 

Steel Manufacturers and Stockholders can provide their flat plate sheets in varying levels of quality. Although the cost of raw material can significantly vary and fluctuate, Laser 24 insists the material is purchased at a competitive rate but is also good quality.

Our Laser Operators are dedicated to run each machine in a clean and clutter free area of the factory. Taking the time to ensure each job is given the right amount of attention and dedication to guarantee that parts are produced correctly and accurately.   

Quick Order Turnaround

We aim to provide quotations within an hour of receiving the enquiry. Bigger or more complex enquiries may require more attention but we are dedicated to produce quotations as quickly and as accurately as possible.

We hold stock of the most common materials to ensure production can start the same day we receive an order. Where material is required, we receive deliveries daily from our suppliers and with a 24 hour operation, we can feel confident that we are producing orders as quickly and as efficiently as possible

Delivery - Laser 24 can deliver anywhere in the country. We combine our own transportation with professional same day and overnight courier companies to ensure deliveries are made on time.   


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