Metal Letters for Restaurant Signage

Laser Metal Cutting Project

Swan Signage manufacture a wide range of bespoke signage solutions to businesses across the UK. They were looking for a high quality laser cutting solution to provide the key components for one of their projects – an exterior sign that would hang above The Estuary, a popular restaurant in Leigh-on-Sea.

The Challenge

Swan Signage instructed Laser 24 to help create the most critical step of the sign – the letters of the restaurant name itself! After the letters were cut, they would need welding with metal pins for exterior fitting. We had to ensure these letters were cut by the deadline, within budget and at the highest quality.

There were 10 letters in total – each letter crafted independently to form the trademark name.

The restaurant wanted to establish their brand position and ultimately increase their footfall, we had to work alongside the creative signage company to ensure demands of the job and styling were met. While keeping true to the industrial vibe of the restaurant with metal cuts, we were to elevate it with a smooth and polished finish.

As a well-established restaurant, the manufactured metal had to be strong and thick, enough to stand the test of time. Once produced by our laser cutting team, these letters would be painted by our customer with a quality coat to suit the restaurant’s sleek design.

High quality exterior signage to suit the modern restaurant identity.

What We Did

There were two critical factors to ensure the right metal material and programming for this project:

1) the precise design of the letters and

2) the durability of the material.

To suit the new modern feel for the restaurant, the logo had to be smooth and rounded to perfection.

With our laser cutting capabilities, there are many ways to cut signage letters, including a whole manner of materials, thicknesses and styles for the right finish. So, our laser cutting consultants worked alongside the signage team to calculate the best method of production.

For strong and thick 3D letters, we chose solid 20mm mild steel.

We needed a material that would stand the test of time, just as the restaurant has. We chose solid 20mm mild steel, an extremely durable and thick metal that can withstand even the most adverse weather conditions.

How We Did It

With every task at hand, there has to be a close eye from our production team from start to finish. As our Programming Manager Reece Trigwell comments on this particular job:

“Believe it or not, we have to slow down the lasers for the thick mild steel material. As our lasers are so powerful and generate 12kW of power, we use 10kW of power to laser, which causes intense heat in the metal. The heat can cause the metal to distort and the cut lines can appear jagged. If we reduce the speed of the laser it improves the quality of the cut to a smooth finish. We also rounded the corners as we cut the 20mm mild steel to keep a continuous beam of power, which also helps cut with a smooth edge.”

Download This Project

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The Result

The customer was absolutely thrilled with precision and sleek finish on the logo, confirming they would be happy to instruct Laser 24 again for any metal-cut jobs in their pipeline. Rest assured, the sign now proudly hangs above the popular restaurant in Leigh-on-Sea. With a strong and bold sign that amplifies character, the message is clear: The Estuary is here to stay!

Metal cuts that are signed and delivered.

Our steel cut lettering was a vital part in the restaurant’s renovation. The finished project fits the brief and perfectly complements the interior design. Commenting on our part in the project, the client said:

“We approached Laser 24 to help us produce a sign that hits our client’s brief for an urban, industrial look and feel without the heavy costs associated with manufacturing built up letters. The cut of the project was even better than we expected, making the finishing of the letters easier. The finishing result looks fantastic – setting the tone for the restaurant as soon as the customer walks in.”


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