Metal Pillar Protectors for Warehouses

Press Braking Project

A renowned global e-commerce company instructed Laser 24 to bend high-specification metal parts for a number of their warehouses across Europe.

The Challenge

The task at hand: protective metals for columns

Manoeuvring forklifts is a key process to shipping logistics, so our client required a protective solution that would prevent their warehouse pillars and columns from being damaged if hit by heavy machinery. Once installed, these finished metal goods would be secured against the pillars, sealing in an extra layer of protection.

Column protection guards and corner protectors are critical to preserving builds and vulnerable areas from being destroyed over time. The metal acts like a protective shell, giving the client extra peace of mind that the build will keep strong and sturdy over time; while adhering to health and safety regulations, as well as reducing costs for any damages.

Due to the international scope of this project, our client a demanded a high volume of finished components within a short timeframe. With our wealth of experience dealing with national projects with high demands, we were readily up for the challenge!

What We Did

Specialist steel structure: choosing the right metal

With any metal project at hand, we work closely with our clients to overcome any problems and adapt to the specific requirements of each project. In this case, we knew we needed a strong metal that was extremely durable and fit for purpose. So, the engineers recommended the extremely reliable and hardwearing S275 steel. First, the metal was tested at a thickness of 16mm to determine whether it was strong and durable enough for the job.

It was then produced at 6mm, with a maximum carbon of 0.25%.

With S275 steel, the ‘S’ denotes the fact that it is structural steel, and ‘275’ related to the minimum yield strength of the metal. This can be easily machined, welded and formed, making it extremely useful for structural metal products to be finished to complex shapes and detailed specifications. This low carbon prevents the heat treatment from having any harsh effect on the metal, ensuring it is smooth, strong and with the least wear possible.

How We Did It

Press braking experts: equipment and team

As the parts were mirror images to fit around the pillars, the angle accuracy was paramount to the job. Due to the internal critical dimensions, a detailed eye and close programming was required by one of our experienced press brake operators. We ensured the overview of our experts from design, programming, processing and delivery.

Our Bystronic Xpert 80 was the best equipment for the task at hand.

A high volume of metal goods, produced at a rapid speed, can only be produced by a powerful machine. With its incredible capacity to produce at high speed and perfect precision, using our Bystronic Xpert 80 ensured turnaround time, energy and costs were kept low.

Download This Project

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The Result

World-class metal goods for a world-class business

Our 24/7 operating super-fast machinery, coupled with our expertise, this meant we were able to deliver every single part smoothly and seamlessly. The result? The client received these metal goods quickly and without error.

“Our press braking simulation software told us we could not bend this project but using our expertise and knowledge, we knew we could and overcome it. We invested time in researching and developing our capabilities to make sure we did not let our valued customer down.” Reece Trigwell, Programming Manager


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