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To kickstart our very special series of ’24 Lines’ team posts, we’d like to introduce you to our highly valued Office Administrator, Kim Humphreys. Read on for her journey at Laser 24 and how she helps to provide first-class service to our customers every day.

What is your role at Laser 24?

  1. I am the Office Administrator and pride myself in providing a ‘24 Carat Gold’ customer service.
  2. My mission at Laser 24 is to improve our customer service to set us apart from all our competitors.
  3. We want to retain our customers and believe if we put our customer’s needs at the heart of everything we do, we can make a difference to them and keep their projects on schedule.

Tell us about your beginning with Laser 24…

  1. I heard about Laser 24 through reputation alone!
  2. I knew other people in the industry and Laser 24 came highly recommended.
  3. I started last year, in November, which has gone extremely fast.
  4. Time flies when you’re having fun at work!

What skills did you bring to Laser 24?

  1. I brought many years of administration experience within a factory environment to Laser 24.
  2. I have always worked in a factory team and every day is different.
  3. I worked for a kitchen manufacturing company before which is very similar, except now I deal with metal materials rather than wood!

What do you enjoy the most about working at Laser 24?

  1. Getting good customer feedback is the part I love the most about my role and it makes my day.
  2. We put our customers first and go above and beyond to achieve our customers’ deadlines.
  3. I love the Laser 24 team – we are a quirky lot but somehow it works!
  4. I enjoy organising the team, setting goals and achieving them.
  5. There are family values here, we are all part of a big family and look out for each other.
  6. No one day is the same and my role changes hour to hour, minute to minute. 

What’s been your favourite work project so far?

  1. Working hard to get customer service to a first-class standard.
  2. I was also heavily involved in communicating with our “robotic chicken customer” which is a great case study on our website (it’s not every day you put those two words together!).

How do you see the future at Laser 24?

  1. The growth of Laser 24 is unlimited.
  2. I think we will grow our business and double our staff by Christmas 2020.
  3. I believe we will grow to become the UK’s no.1 Laser Cutting Company.

What’s your motto?

  1. “What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger”… and oh, of course – “living the dream!” (which I am)

What do you like to do outside of work?

  1. I enjoy having a good comedy night out with my friends and family… when my teenage sons allow me some time away from the kitchen.
  2. And I love to shop!

Meet the rest of our team at Laser 24…

Can the Laser 24 team provide you with first-class customer service for your next laser cutting project? Get in touch with us on 01268 733883, emailing sales@laser24.co.uk or request your 24 Quick Quote today. You might just get lucky and hear back from Kim!


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