Precision in Finishing: Improved Deburring Services at Laser 24

In our commitment to process the highest quality parts for our customers, Laser 24 is delighted to announce that we have invested in an Ellesco Timesavers 22-900-W, a versatile deburring machine that enables us to provide the perfect finish for your projects.

Ellesco Timesavers 22-900-W at a glance:

  • 900 mm working width
  • 1-125mm material thickness
  • Variable throughfeed conveyor speed 2.5-14m/min
  • CE certified

We are set to have the Timesavers 22 fully operational by October 2020, working effortlessly alongside the rest of our state-of-the-art equipment, including our Bystronic Bystar 10kW and 12kW Fiber Lasers.

Read on to discover how the new Timesavers machine works and how our improved deburring capabilities will speed up our manufacturing processes here at Laser 24.

What is deburring?

Deburring removes sharp edges, slag and spatter from laser cut metal parts to produce a smooth, high quality finish. This process is often required in the production of parts for the food, medical and construction sectors, where health and safety are vitally important, as well as on projects that need an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Deburring also helps improve the metal fabrication process more generally, by removing sharp edges that could potentially get caught on other machines.

What are the capabilities of the new Timesavers 22?

The Timesavers 22 consistently and efficiently deburrs the edges and smooths flat metal parts that have been laser cut to a high-quality finish, all in one operation. It completely removes burrs from the surface of the part, as well as any imperfections on interior or exterior edges, for a safe and smooth result. This particular model is the ideal addition to our production facilities, thanks to its working width of up to 900mm and its ability to deburr stainless steel, steel, aluminium, copper and other laser cut materials with thicknesses of 1-125mm. It also boasts a variable throughfeed conveyor speed 2.5-14m/min.

How will the Timesavers 22 help our customers?

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide the highest quality result while ensuring a speedy turnaround time. With the new machine, we can offer even more deburring and finishing services for our customers within a significantly reduced production time by automating the process.

Many of our customers require the underside of parts to be cleaned, which is where the Timesavers 22 really is a timesaver! It will effortlessly remove the slag that can appear on parts once cut. Likewise, we can now grain material in-house at Laser 24, as a grain mill finish is often desired by our customers too.

With your desired finish being achieved in just one operation – a finish that is consistent across all your parts – we can keep turnaround times fast and production levels high, all while remaining cost and energy-efficient.

Thanks to our continual investments in the latest technology, we’re confident that we can complete your job to the highest standard. We are dedicated to providing an accurate, consistent and efficient high-volume laser cutting service that you can rely on, which is why we are proud to have commissioned the Timesavers 22 – a truly versatile machine that offers the perfect finish on every part it processes.

For more information on our finishing services or to find out how we can help you with your next manufacturing project, please call our team on 01268 733883 or get a quick quote today.