The benefits of laser cutting aluminium

The 13th element in the periodic table, aluminium is the most widespread metal on earth. Despite being found in several naturally occurring minerals, it is often thought of as a ‘new’ material due to the fact that it binds easily with other elements, and so is not found in nature in its purest form. Only more recently have we been able to extract aluminium from these minerals for daily use.

Here we look at why high performance laser cutting is the best solution for cutting even the most challenging materials such as aluminium.

Why is laser cutting aluminium useful?

Aluminium is used for everything from cans and foils to window frames and even aeroplane parts. The material has a low density, is non-toxic, and has a high thermal conductivity. It is also very resistant to corrosion, making it a hugely versatile metal. Aluminium can be used in a metal alloy to make it stronger, and most importantly it is easily manipulatable.

While aluminium can be cast, machined and formed in many ways, laser cutting aluminium is an incredibly precise and efficient method of manipulating the material, and worth consideration when choosing aluminium within your next project.

When you select Laser 24, your choice of grade aluminium can be fibre laser cut, laser etched, folded, grained and de-burred.

How does aluminium perform under extreme heat?

Aluminium is commonly known as a soft material, which means it requires additional processes in place for handling. Aluminium has a soft and malleable molecular structure, which can prove difficult for lasers to penetrate cleanly. In addition, its heat conductivity means that it can absorb heat from the laser quickly – heat which is needed to create a clean cut with either no or minimal burr.

How can Laser 24 cut aluminium?

Laser cutting aluminium is not without its obstacles – but that is where the 12kw ByStar comes into its own.

What it does mean is that you need an expert, with experience in industrial laser cutting and a deeper understanding of the materials and grades they’re dealing with.

Laser24 have worked for years to fine tune our processes and ensure we have the correct capabilities to produce clean cut parts, no matter the material or grade. With practice and know-how, we have an effective method that cuts aluminium precisely, right up to aerospace grade materials.

The right laser cutting team can achieve a clean cut with every job, regardless of the difficulty of the material. And with high volume orders, Laser 24 can provide absolutely zero physical contact with the material itself, which means we can save time and potential additional scratches– making Laser 24 the faster, more efficient option of laser cutting.



Thanks to our commitment to ongoing investment in world-leading software, we have the tools to deliver parts of exceptional quality at unbelievable price. Our team of skilled software engineers work closely with our customers to provide effective laser cutting solution that exceeds our expectations when it comes to quality, cost and speed.

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