What are the Main Advantages of Laser Cutting?

Laser cutting has massive advantages over alternative metal cutting methods, providing the precision and power that helps businesses produce results on an unprecedented scale! As a constantly developing field, laser cutting only continues to offer more benefits as it grows. Latest technology means you can get the best quality cut, at rapid speeds and at an affordable price…

We recently announced news of our second 10kW laser installed at Laser 24, which has bolstered our laser cutting services. In this post, our Director Iain Summerfield explains some of the main benefits of laser cutting and how Laser 24 is continuously adapting to ‘power up’ and add value with every business it encounters.

The advantages of laser cutting over alternative methods include:

  • Cuts non-ferrous material with ease
  • Reliable and fast machinery for rapid turnaround
  • Uses less energy when cutting – using nitrogen, oxygen, air
  • Cuts through the thickest of metals – including mild steel
  • Cut complex shapes with precise detail
  • Non-wearing for a flawless edge finish

Read on for more benefits of laser cutting below…

Cost & Quality: affordable laser cutting solutions for the best cut

Plasma or water was traditionally seen as more cost effective than laser cutting, although these methods don’t provide anywhere near the quality of a laser cut. However, the improvements in power, efficiency and technology mean laser cutting can match or even supersede the value of alternative methods!

It depends on the intricacies of the requirement, but laser cutting is quicker and cleaner, with less heat distortion, which means there is less to do after it is cut, easier to work with and ready for our customer to use!

Material Capabilities: fibre laser cutting vs waterjet cutting

Waterjet cutting is another alternative metal cutting solution. There was no significant overlap between laser and waterjet cutting until recently, as they were historically used for different cutting methods depending on the profile of the metal. But today, fibre laser machines can step into the new waterjet industry and cut parts that previously could only be waterjet cut. Not only can our new 10kw lasers do that, they do it quicker and cheaper! 

Zero Handling: sheet metal laser cutting

Zero handling has to be one of the greatest benefits of laser cutting with Laser 24! Our programming expertise combined with our new 10kW Bystronic laser and Bystronic ByTrans Extended means you can get a perfectly finished metal without any scraping or flake-off.

Simply put, we can put a full pack of sheets in our machine and we can sequence the machine to do the rest, making the most complicated jobs easy. We can even program the machine to use “part removal”. It will take the cut parts and place them on a pallet, remove the skeleton of the sheet, place a new sheet in the machine and continuing cutting until the job is done.

Automation also really benefits when parts are cut with a two-sided finish, creating perfectly finished metals. We can even cut metal that has plastic coating on both sides and the auto loader means the sheet enters and exits the machine without any scraping of the underside. It has always been tricky to cut finished metal, but we make it easy and can provide a quality second to none!

Metal Cut to Size: for all business sizes!

Laser 24 is proud to employ a long-serving team of laser cutting experts. They are key to the investments we have made to serve our customers. The service we offer goes that step further and every solution is tailored to our customer. We are all trained to work alongside our customers, listening to their individual needs, and using that technology to achieve what is required, by adapting our services to suit their brief.

Larger engineering divisions working on contracts with a wider range of requirements can now look to have more of their needs met by Laser 24, such as those in the construction industry. Our world-class machines operated by our world-class team mean we can provide parts that our competitors simply cannot.  This includes a manner of all metal materials and thicknesses, including steel and aluminium.

Metal laser cutting services

At Laser 24, we are at the frontier of providing our customers with the latest innovations in laser cutting solutions to ensure paramount performance in the quickest speed, no matter where they are located. Our expertise, coupled with our powerful machinery, enables us to produce high quality work with ultra-fast turnarounds at competitive prices. As we take the final steps to becoming ISO accredited later this year, we are putting these into full use.

The advantages of laser cutting are clear, enabling an economic and cost-effective solution that offers more precise cuts. Combined with Laser 24’s state-of-the-art equipment and advanced programming expertise, the possibilities for metal cutting are almost endless! With our dynamic approach tailored to your requirements, we can transform your project and generate unique results that make you a ‘cut’ above the rest. It really is all in the details!

Our team can handle large batches and high-volume jobs with ease, so rest assured no project is too big for us. Whether it’s parts for equipment or a one-off cut for a new brand project, we can offer the advice and services to help make your dream project a reality and help you achieve the results you need.

If you have a project you’d like us to help you with, let us know your laser cutting requirements by calling us on 01268 733883, emailing sales@laser24.co.uk or request your quick quote today.