Thanks to our commitment to ongoing investment in world-leading machinery, we have the tools to deliver parts of exceptional quality at unbelievable prices. Learn more about our machines and software and how they help us complete your jobs to your specifications.

Bystronic ByStar 10kW & 12kW Fiber Lasers

The Bystronic ByStar Fiber 3015 12kW cuts even the thickest of metals with ease and handles large batches and high-volume jobs faster than ever before. This state-of-the-art laser from Bystronic, expertly handles thin and thick sheets and profiles, including mild steel up to 30mm, as well as stainless steel and aluminium up to a thickness of 30mm. In addition, we use the Bystronic ByStar 10kW Fiber Laser – a high performance, energy-efficient machine that effortlessly handles an extensive range of laser cutting projects.

Bystronic Xpert 80

The Bystronic Xpert 80 boasts some of the highest folding speeds in the industry. It’s an accurate, wonderfully economical press brake that has transformed the way we deliver – and price – our press braking services. What’s more, the machine has been developed to reduce electric power consumption by up to 30% during use compared to other industry equipment, which ultimately results in further production cost savings for our customers.


Ellesco Timesavers 22-900-W

Working effortlessly alongside the rest of our state-of-the-art equipment, a versatile deburring machine that enables us to provide the perfect finish for your projects. The Timesavers 22 consistently and efficiently deburrs the edges and smooths flat metal parts that have been laser cut to a high-quality finish, all in one operation. It completely removes burrs from the surface of the part, as well as any imperfections on interior or exterior edges, for a safe and smooth result.


Bystronic ByTrans Extended

A revolution in fibre laser cutting automation, the Bystronic ByTrans Extended allows our team to optimise loading and unloading times for a more efficient process. The ByTrans Extended allows us to process jobs faster, deliver cuts with more accuracy, and follow a more automated machine system that relies on less input from the machine operator.

Quality Assurance

Precision and Speed

We are at the frontier of providing our customers with the latest innovations in laser cutting solutions to ensure paramount performance in the quickest speed. We are proud of our industry accreditations and are continuously striving to ensure any laser cutting challenge we are presented is completed with ultimate precision and speed.


Control is central to our performance. Our state-of-the art software enables us to plan and monitor every aspect of our laser cutting and bending processes onsite.

BySoft 7 Plant Manager

This game-changing tool enables our team to pre-plan and manage every aspect of production from an intuitively designed touchscreen. Plant Manager draws in job data from a variety of sources and links it with CAD data to create a custom programme.

BySoft 7 CAD/CAM System

With its powerful 3D CAD capabilities, this system is used to calculate accurate cutting plans and bending processes, while delivering a comprehensive overview of production to our team, so they have the data they need to make well informed production decisions.


With ByCockpit, we can analyse and visualise vital data to keep our manufacturing processes as cost-effective as possible. The software enables us to monitor the performance of our laser cutting machines quickly and in real-time from any mobile device.


Our staff can now work infinitely smarter thanks to this innovative CAD/CAM design software from Dassault Systèmes. SolidWorks enables us to get parts to production faster whilst keeping a close eye on the finer details.


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