Laser 24 offers a complete cutting, folding and finishing service for metal parts used in the marine industry, using high grade corrosion-resistant materials that can withstand the elements.

Specialist projects require specialist manufacturing methods, and fabricating parts for the marine sector is no exception. Over the years, we have helped many customers produce parts for the marine sector, relying on our best-in-class laser cutting capabilities to process metals to their exact specifications – no matter how large or the small the job is.

Our machines provide a precise cut every time, even with complex designs, and thanks to continued investment in the latest laser cutting technology, we can complete your project faster than ever to effortlessly meet your deadlines, even on high volume projects.

Which types of projects do we typically work on for this sector?

We have laser cut, folded and finished parts for:


Windows and armatures

Off-shore tech

Cisterns and tubes for chemical tankers

What is our delivery process?

We have our own transport team ready to deliver, and work closely with professional same day and overnight courier companies that deliver to any UK location, so you can meet all your project deadlines.

Which metal fabrication processes does this sector most commonly require?

Aside from our dedicated laser cutting services, we also offer an in-house deburring service that is ideal for metal components produced for the high-end marine sector. With our Timesavers 22, we are able to remove sharp edges, slag and spatter from laser cut metal parts to produce a smooth, high-quality mirror-like finish, which is often desired for its visual appeal.

Why Choose Laser 24

Thanks to our commitment to ongoing investment in world-leading machinery, we have the tools to deliver parts of exceptional quality at unbelievable prices.


Fast Turnaround

High Volume Capacity


You’re guaranteed a fast response from Laser 24.

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