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Big changes here at Laser 24 as we announce the arrival of our brand new Bystronic 10kw Fibre Laser! Boasting high-speed laser cutting with up to 10 kilowatts of laser power, this new addition will completely transform our production.

Making way for innovation

Our Bystronic 3kw Fibre Laser was decommissioned last week to make room for this exceptional 10kw laser. It will be joining our powerful assembly of laser cutting equipment, including the first Bystronic 10kw Fibre Laser we invested in last year. We are delighted to be the only laser cutting service in our area to have two 10kw fibre lasers, further adding to the unparalleled speed and quality we offer.

Our Director, Iain Summerfield, is delighted with the latest investment:

“Laser 24 has just taken delivery of our NEXT 10kw, we are now the proud owners of two 10kw fibres that allow us to produce your parts quicker and cleaner than ever before. We are the only company in our area to have these beasts at our disposal and we are super excited to show off our new machines and the warp speed features it has to offer.”

Installing the new laser

New 10kw Fibre Laser Install
Installing our new laser

As you can see, the Bystronic 10kw Fibre Laser is a beast of a machine! Our team carefully removed the Bystronic 3kw before creating space to install the new laser. Once we had taken delivery of the 10kw, we were eager to begin the installation process – this includes getting our software updated too! Now it has taken pride of place in our factory, ready to start production.

A game changer in production

We are so excited to announce the delivery of this new laser because of the fantastic benefits it offers both the Laser 24 team and our customers.

As Jo Miller, Business Manager here at Laser 24, comments:

“The arrival of our second 10kw Fibre Laser will transform production at Laser 24.  Not only will it increase our capacity but the high-quality laser cutting and quick turnaround speed will be hugely beneficial for our valued customers.  We spent 2018 perfecting the first 10kw laser to improve production processes and the second 10kw laser will be a game changer for us.”

Full of cutting-edge features

The capabilities on the Bystronic 10kw Fibre Laser are unrivalled, with features that only these machines can do:

Reducing our carbon footprint

Not only is time efficiency important to us, but we’re also committed to keeping our production as energy efficient as possible. Energy consumption is reduced through lower power needed in fibre laser technology, which also reduces our operating costs – savings that are then passed onto our customers.

Transforming production

Here at Laser 24, we strive to take advantage of the latest technological advancements available so we can provide an outstanding service to our customers, whatever their requirements.

We think our latest investment is 10/10 and our production team can’t wait to start production on our new machine!

Got a project for our new 10kw? We pride ourselves on delivering a service that’s fast, reliable and affordable, so let us know your laser cutting requirements and request your quick quote today.

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