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Laser 24 has had a makeover! We are delighted to reveal our new website and branding, which has been designed to reflect our professional, precise and reliable laser cutting services.

Introducing our new website

Our new website makes it even easier for customers to explore our range of services and everything else we can offer.

Getting a quick quote from the team couldn’t be simpler. Our 24 Quick Quote allows you to let us know your requirements for your next laser cutting project, with a guaranteed rapid response from Laser 24.

You can even securely submit your designs to our programming team in a couple of clicks to kick-start the production process.

Need more information on the materials we can work with? Let our new materials page guide you through the types of metal our machines can process. You’ll be surprised at just how many metals we can handle, thanks to our speedy and reliable Bystronic ByStar 10kW Fiber Laser.

With our investments in the latest technology, we also invite you to learn more about our machines and their capabilities. Our state-of-the-art laser cutters, automated machines and world-leading software ensure our customers a precise, economical result every time.

Lastly, you can keep up to date with all the latest here at Laser 24 with our news area. We’ll be sharing team updates and tips and advice for your laser cutting projects.

Cutting edge logo and branding

No website is complete without eye-catching branding that truly reflects the company’s ethos. Laser 24 is dedicated to precision in performance and our new logo and branding are our testament to this.

Get social with Laser 24

Say hello to us on our new LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram channels! Follow us and stay updated with the latest Laser 24 news and happenings, advice and tips for your laser cutting projects, and insights into the work we do.

We love our new look here at Laser 24 and look forward to working with more and more businesses to solve their laser cutting needs.

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Our Technologies

We have invested heavily in our production equipment to ensure we only use state of the art software and machinery to fulfil client orders.