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If you’re going to stay a cut above the rest in the manufacturing industry, it goes without saying that you’ll need to keep abreast of the latest technological developments. In two centuries we’ve seen three seismic shifts within the industrial landscape, from the mechanisation provided by steam and waterpower, to the advent of assembly lines and mass production and finally, the adoption of computers and automation.

Now we find ourselves, at the start of this new decade, on the brink of a fourth wave of industrial revolution, designated ‘Industry 4.0’. Though some had been quick to dismiss the term as a marketing buzzword, we are undoubtedly seeing a move towards smart and autonomous processes in manufacturing, enabled by incredible advancements in technology.

So, what is Industry 4.0?

The fourth industrial revolution is building upon the growth of computer-empowered systems, enhanced by data and machine learning. Smart machines have the capacity to process data, learn from this information and become more intelligent in doing so. Cloud-based infrastructures with disaster recovery technology are also ensuring greater connectivity than ever before, reducing downtime and allowing manufacturers to scale to meet changing demand. As a result, our factories will become more efficient, less wasteful, and, in the long run, more cost-effective.

How does Laser 24 deploy Industry 4.0 best practice to the benefit of its customers?

Laser 24 has invested in transformational technology that allows us to deliver the best possible product for our customers at great value. We are established users of intelligent automative systems, which have enabled us to process large-scale metal-cutting jobs for high-profile organisations within the manufacturing, construction, and engineering industries with speed and precision.

On the factory floor, our two Bystronic ByStar 10kw Fiber Lasers operate at maximum efficiency, powered by automation solutions that guarantee process reliability. These star players of metal cutting are supported by our Bystronic ByTrans Extended machines, which allow our team to optimise loading and unloading times through automation, meaning each part will be processed swiftly and efficiently.

Across our state-of-the-art software suite, we utilise intuitive programs that optimise cutting and bending processes, automatically planning, initiating and monitoring every step of the production journey. These game-changing, powerful tools provide our team with the data they need to make well informed production decisions, ultimately resulting in exceptionally-executed and economically-produced work at fantastic value for our customers.

So, if you’re looking to remain competitive in an evolving industrial landscape, Laser 24 have the Industry 4.0-ready capacities to support your organisation. Our automative systems will deliver on cost, speed and quality every time, empowering you to take your process to the next level.

For more information on how Laser 24’s cutting-edge capacities could benefit your business, call us today on 01268 733833 or email us at sales@laser24.co.uk for a quote.

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