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For the second instalment in our special series of ’24 Lines’ team posts, we’d like to introduce you to our talented Senior Laser Operator, Ben Boobyer. Read on for his journey at Laser 24 and how he helps to provide the finest laser cuts at high speeds for our customers every time.

What is your role at Laser 24?

  1. I am the Senior Laser Operator at Laser 24.
  2. I operate our 10kw Bystronic Lasers for many of our projects.
  3. Ensuring smooth running of our equipment 24 hours a day, I also train and direct other members of the team to ensure every job goes through with perfect results.

Tell us about your beginning with Laser 24…

  1. I joined Laser 24 a good couple of years ago, in May 2017.
  2. I was recommended to the company by an employee who was a friend of the family.
  3. I worked in hospitality before, but the shifts were a bit over the place and I wanted to work in a full-time stable job.

What skills did you bring to Laser 24?

  1. I brought good communication skills, organisational skills and – best of all – a positive attitude to the company!

What do you enjoy the most about working at Laser 24?

  1. I enjoy the people I work with and everyone is very likeable.
  2. We get interesting projects to laser cut.
  3. We get good insight into how products are manufactured.
  4. I enjoy the challenge that comes with the bespoke nature of our projects, always working out the best way to laser cut for every job.
  5. We continuously work to maintain a high standard in the quality of the work.
  6. I also get satisfaction from improving the work flow in production.
  7. All around it’s about delivering a premium cut to our customers, every time, and always within a quick and efficient turnaround.

What have been your favourite work projects so far?

  1. A Corten panel which really challenged the laser software and laser cutting due to its intricate nature.
  2. I also loved producing the ‘Ganesh panel’ metal partition for an office.

How do you see your future at Laser 24?

  1. There are always opportunities to grow in your career at Laser 24.
  2. There is great investment in the team at Laser 24 – to promote and push people to grow, to develop internally rather than recruit externally.
  3. I see my future to be promoted through the ranks to be Operations Manager!

Tell us a bit about yourself outside of work

  1. Family… I have a huge family!
  2. Playing video games.
  3. My favourite night is not so much a ‘pub night’ but to have people over to play boardgames.
  4. I love Escape rooms for the challenge!

What’s your life motto?

  1. “Foooooooooood Van” – it’s our local lunch-spot!

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