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As we previously announced, we recently took delivery of our second Bystronic ByStar 10kw Laser. It’s an exciting investment for Laser 24, and one that keeps us at the forefront of the laser cutting industry.

Our Director, Iain Summerfield, has outlined why we made this investment, and just how much it will benefit our customers:

As a subcontractor, we need the best machine in the marketplace. The Bystronic 10kw Fibre Flat Bed Laser is that machine, so much so that we bought TWO!

Working at warp speed

The main benefit of the 10kw is the speed of its cut, coupled with the fact that it can cut up to and including 12mm mild steel with nitrogen, meaning we’d be able to cut without leaving an oxidised edge. It is an oxidised edge not adhering to metal which causes paint and powder coating to frustratingly flake off easily and we can now help clients overcome this issue.

How fibre lasers work

Fibre lasers work by channelling and magnifying light through fibre optic cables, then straightening and focusing the beam onto the material using a lens. As the focus lens is sealed in the cutting head, it is not considered a consumable item, reducing machine maintenance time, and increasing our lead times.

As there are no moving parts or mirrors on the fibre flatbed laser, the Bystronic 10kw allows us to cut reflective materials such as copper, brass and aluminium without any reflections causing damage to the machine – further decreasing machine downtime and speeding up lead times for our customers.

Cut a range of material thicknesses

The machine’s ability to cut a wider range of materials was a real selling point, as this meant that we could accept a wider range of projects, providing you with the parts you need, in the materials you desire. This allows us to cut much thicker materials as shown on our website.

Ready for production

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