State-of-the-art Laser Cutting Software

In the background behind the cutting, bending, and automation, sits our high-performance software. Our teams are trained in using state-of-the-art programmes to ensure the highest standard of results for our customers. Here we examine the world-class software which monitors every aspect of our laser cutting and press breaking capabilities.


This game-changing tool enables our team to pre-plan and manage every aspect of production from an intuitively designed touchscreen. Plant Manager draws in job data from a variety of sources and links it with CAD data to create a custom programme.

What are the key features of Bysoft Plant Manager?

  • The Plant Manager monitors and visualizes the processes on the individual machine systems and the condition of these systems
  • Draws job data from the ERP system and links them with the CAD data
  • Groups parts according to type of material, material thickness, and schedule, as well as according to cutting head, cutting nozzle and machine
  • The Plant Manager assesses all relevant machine and job data for you and provides you with the corresponding statistics
  • This system creates optimal cutting and bending programs and applies the suitable cutting technology

How does using Bysoft Plant Manager benefit our customers?

  • Compared to other software, using Plan Manager means we can manufacture parts more quickly, at a lower cost, and with less effort.
  • Our processes will run more reliably because manual entries are no longer necessary, meaning less wastage for our customers.
  • We retain a complete overview of the production and the condition of machine systems, meaning the final product is of the highest standard.
  • We utilise the data collected so we can make informed decisions on production method and project time when planning your next project.



With its powerful 3D CAD capabilities, this system is used to calculate accurate cutting plans and bending processes, while delivering a comprehensive overview of production to our team, so they have the data they need to make well informed production decisions.

What are the key features of Bysoft 7 cad/cam system?

  • BySoft 7 automatically ensures that sheet metal, tubes, and profiles are used completely and nests as many parts as technically possible.
  • Automatically selects each optimal cutting technology.
  • Bending sequence, backgauge position, and tool plan are detected automatically so that the bending process can start more quickly.

How does using Bysoft 7 CAD/CAM system benefit our customers?

  • BySoft 7 automatically plans, initiates, and monitors part production which means faster productions speeds
  • The software also highlights possible collisions automatically which means less errors, saving more time and materials


With ByCockpit, we can analyse and visualise vital data to keep our manufacturing processes as cost-effective as possible. The software enables us to monitor the performance of our laser cutting machines quickly and in real-time from any mobile device.

What are the key features of Bycockpit?

  • Real-time monitoring provides key indicators on all the integrated Bystronic cutting and bending machines
  • Unique widgets provide views of the machine performance, machine utilization, productive and maintenance times, and material stock in the warehouse

How does using Bycockpit benefit our customers?

  • Bycockpit provides monitoring of key indicators at any time and from anywhere, meaning 24/7 production on your projects
  • The software evaluates collected data and generates status reports, allowing factory output to be optimised and for your projects to be completed in the fastest time possible



Our team can now work infinitely smarter thanks to this innovative CAD/CAM design software from Dassault Systèmes. SolidWorks enables us to get parts to production faster whilst keeping a close eye on the finer details.

What are the key features of Solidworks?

  • Solidworks 3D CAD modeling software has automation built into its design. The software allows for automatic dimensioning of 3D CAD models according to the most recent industry standards.
  • This software can also help calculate forces related to vibration, deflection, part stress, motion, and other outside factors.
  • Solidworks is an easy-to-use parametric design modular, meaning we can easily edit the design at any stage in the design process.

How does using SOLIDWORKS benefit our customers?

  • Solidworks reduces errors by checking calculations and interference easily, which saves time and reduces the chance of any mistakes.
  • This software also creates multiple configurations by setting parameters and guidelines to build existing designs, with only minor changes quickly. This means less time is spent on creating each design from scratch, this is of particular benefit for our repeat customers.


How Can We Help You with Your Next Project

Thanks to our commitment to ongoing investment in world-leading software, we have the tools to deliver parts of exceptional quality at unbelievable price. Our team of skilled software engineers work closely with our customers to provide effective laser cutting and folding solution.

For more information on the services we provide, our capabilities or to find out how we can help you with your next project, please call our team on 01268 733 883 or email today.