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What does Laser 24 have in common with ‘24 Hours of Le Mans’, the most celebrated endurance race in the world?

The legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans race is fast approaching this month! Taking place between 15 – 16 June 2019 in Le Mans, France, this race is world-famous for its focus on endurance and efficiency, as well as speed. It’s a unique challenge that’s at the heart of the motorsport calendar every year, with passionate racers and their teams eager to hit the track.

At Laser 24, we consider ourselves as ‘speed enthusiasts’ of a different kind thanks to our super-fast laser cutting services. Plus, with ‘24’ as the name of the game, we couldn’t help but think this event has striking resemblances to everything we do…

24 hours on the laser cutting track

At 24 Le Mans, the car that covers the greatest distance within the 24 hour duration wins. So, teams must expertly balance the demands of speed with the cars’ ability to run for 24 hours without mechanical failure.

The famed 24-hour timeframe is central to operations here at Laser 24 too. Due to our technological investments, our production processes run 24 hours a day for a consistent and timely service, and machines ensuring all projects go through the track at high speeds! We also offer a fast response guarantee with our ‘24 Quick Quote’ same day quotation.

Driving innovation with laser cuts

Innovation is at the heart of the race, with leading car manufacturers seizing this opportunity to test and showcase their latest builds, skilfully designed to master the circuit without stopping or breaking down.

Likewise, we pride ourselves in being industry leaders, by always using and developing the latest laser cutting capabilities to provide our customers with the best results. Using our high-speed lasers we produce materials that are precisely cut to our customers’ specifications.

We are always testing too! Press braking involves bending and folding metal sheet materials to create bespoke parts for businesses, so we are continuously experimenting with new shapes and materials on our Bystronic Xpert 80. We can do all the laps!

Full throttle lasers that save energy!

While it’s critical for succeeding in this timed challenge, victory isn’t gained by speed alone. Fuel efficiency is essential for ensuring there is as little stop time in the pits as possible. So, the ratio between the amount of energy used and performance obtained is vital to the race. Hybrid and electric vehicles are more recently being showcased at the event to demonstrate there is no compromise on performance levels when driving more sustainably.

Speed is also key to an efficient operation at Laser 24! Our lasers use less energy when cutting, using nitrogen, oxygen, air to run. The power density magnified in our 10kw fiber lasers means we can cut thicker, faster and seamlessly through stainless steel, aluminium, copper and more. So, we cut the costs on energy, but we never compromise on the quality of the result! Just like the spectators enjoying the thrill of Le Mans, our customers ultimately benefit from an energy efficient performance. 

Strategic laser cutting solutions

The secret to sporting success is using ‘the right rules at the right time’. In Le Mans, one person can’t drive the same car for 24 hours, so a team of drivers share racing responsibility. There has to be various skills held by the racers, such as knowing the best time to brake at the right time, so competing takes a high degree of experience and expertise.

Similarly, it’s our team’s shared expertise that bring our customers’ projects to life. Focused on the greatest outcome of any laser cutting project, all our experts work holistically and collaborate on projects, ensuring every project is overseen smoothly all the way through to the finish line. As for braking? Check out our press braking services!

Get ‘on track’ with Laser 24

24 Hours of Le Mans has a prestigious reputation within the motorsport industry, thanks to its dedication to speed, endurance and consistency. We equally believe our approach is different to other companies – we don’t just ‘do’ laser cutting. We are solution-based and work alongside our customers to ensure their project is a winner! From drawing and cutting advice, our team will guide you through the whole process.

Good luck to all the racers at Le Mans!

Looking to make your next victory? Take a short-cut with Laser 24 by calling us on 01268 733883, emailing sales@laser24.co.uk or request your quick quote today.

Plus, want to keep up with the action-packed happenings here at Laser 24? Take a pit stop on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

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