High Volume Laser Cutting: The Laser 24 Guide

Accuracy, consistency, and efficiency – three key considerations when it comes to a reliable high-volume laser cutting process. This is especially true in the age of Industry 4.0, where smart and autonomous processes in manufacturing are becoming increasingly important. The successful production of high-volume metal components requires a robust suite of machines that are geared up for fast – yet intricate – programming.

Here at Laser 24, we have made significant investments in our technology to ensure that we can provide an accurate, consistent and efficient high-volume laser cutting service that our customers can rely on every time – from initial enquiry, through to production and delivery. Read on as we explore the key components of successful high-volume projects and how Laser 24 are your perfect production partner when it comes to your laser cutting requirements.


Thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment, our team can handle high-volume jobs with ease. For accurate laser cutting, we rely on our Bystronic ByStar 12kW Fiber Laser and Bystronic ByStar 10kW Fiber Laser – two exceptionally powerful yet precise lasers that are designed with demanding jobs in mind. The precision that laser cutting provides was vital for the success of a steel sculpture we helped to produce for one of our customers. We used our 10kW fiber laser to cut 556 intricate components for a 5.5m high steel sculpture. This project required a high level of accuracy and control to make sure that the finished result was perfect, both aesthetically and functionally.

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Our Bystronic fiber lasers expertly handle thin and thick metal sheets, laser cutting mild steel up to 30mm, as well as stainless steel and aluminium up to a thickness of 30mm, as well as galvanised steel, copper, brass and Zintec. In fact, our tolerance is + – .2. Plus, our 12kW laser features a slimmer cutting head design, which was designed by Bystronic for extra stability to ensure an accurate result every time. The cutting head’s optimal cooling function further maintains an accurate cutting performance by protecting the lenses and cutting nozzle from high thermal stress.

Not only can we provide a reliable high-volume laser cutting service, we are well-equipped to bend large volumes of sheet metal too. Our press brake, the Bystronic Xpert 80, accurately bends and fold metal sheet materials at high speed, with a press capacity of up to 80 tons.

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Successful high-volume manufacturing relies on speed, all while retaining the precision and intricacy that each job requires. At Laser 24, we pride ourselves on providing our customers a rapid service that doesn’t compromise on quality.

Our 12kW laser has an integrated ‘BeamShaper’ functionality that adapts the beam to a larger beam profile, creating a larger beamwidth for oxygen cutting of thick mild steel. This guarantees a clean-cut edge on a wide variety of materials – a finish that rivals the quality of a CO2 laser – all while maintaining some of the fastest laser cutting speeds in the industry. Plus, we have 75 tonnes of material stocked in our factory at any one time, ready to complete your job – large or small – at short notice.

Likewise, our Bystronic Xpert 80 press brake provides us with a highly accurate, zero-handling method that is non-abrasive to the metal, so your folded components retain their high quality, despite going through multiple processes. On one particular press braking project, we were tasked with bending high-specification metal parts that were designed to protect pillars and columns in a number of our customer’s warehouses across Europe. With the Xpert 80, we could guarantee the angle accuracy needed for all parts to correctly fit around all the pillars, all within our customer’s short timeframe.

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Automation is undoubtedly a key driver in Industry 4.0, as automated technology introduces a dynamic array of efficiencies for the production line. These efficiencies result in higher productivity rates, as jobs can be completed quicker, to a higher level, with less waste, day and night. So, alongside our best in class laser cutting and press braking equipment, we have also invested in automation solutions as Laser 24 evolves into a smart factory.

With the ByTrans Extended, production can run 24 hours per day for an efficient and reliable service – ideal for processing high volume jobs with ease. Our team can optimise loading and unloading times through automation, meaning each part is processed swiftly and efficiently.

Our aim is to keep production volumes high while keeping energy consumption and costs low. Through our continual investments in technology, such as our most recent commission of our brand new 12kW fiber laser in July 2020, we are also investing in the latest advancements in energy saving. For example, the Xpert 80 has been developed to reduce electric power consumption by up to 30% during use compared to other industry equipment, and we work with fiber lasers rather than CO2 lasers because they don’t require as much energy their CO2 counterparts. This ultimately results in further production cost savings for our customers.

How we can help with your next project

When it comes to high volume capabilities, Laser 24 is a laser cut above the rest. We are ready to help even more manufacturers complete their jobs faster. Take a look at our LinkedIn and Facebook pages to see the latest projects our team are working on.

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