Supporting the Nation: How We Helped During Lockdown

It’s now been more than 100 days since England first went into lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. In that time, we have been eager to do our bit to help the fight against the virus in any way we can and support the invaluable efforts of key workers across the country. Here, we round up how we were able to help during lockdown.

Creating “Corona Claws” for key workers

Early on, we were keen to produce a tool that could help lower the risk of transmission. The result was the “Corona Claw”, a small brass key that can be used to open doors – as well as press buttons, screens or keypads – without having to touch any surfaces directly. The distinctive key shape makes each claw easy to use, while the naturally antimicrobial brass is ideally suited to its hygiene-led purpose.

We are thrilled that the donated claws are being used by nurses in our local hospitals, including Basildon University Hospital, as they work on the front line to help patients get the care they need as safely as they can.

Producing Ventilator parts for Vauxhall

Laser 24 also contributed to the production of vital parts for ventilators. We constructed parts on behalf of the car manufacturer, Vauxhall, who were tasked with helping meet the NHS demand for the lifesaving devices as the pandemic began.

It was crucial that the parts produced were of the highest standard to meet the rigorous quality testing standards required on such a device, so we are immensely proud that our skilled production team and our state-of-the-art lasers were able to be involved in this operation.

Manufacturing vital parts for the NHS and supermarkets

Undoubtedly, the NHS and supermarkets have been two of the largest support systems in place during lockdown, so we are delighted that we could support both by producing some the vital parts they have needed over the last few months to protect staff and visitors.

While we know the fight isn’t over yet, we want to thank all those who have played their part in supporting the nation since the outbreak of coronavirus – your efforts cannot be underestimated.

Laser 24 is operating and delivering as normal while following Government guidance on the safety of our team and customers. For more information on our services, please contact us here or call us on 01268 733883.